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Opening Hours

Please check our opening times and available dates in the Book Now section
For more information on bookings please email [email protected]

The Aqua Park

  • Showers on site
  • No lockers on site
  • Open to all ages from 6 years old (under 10's must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the Aqua Park)
  • Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your booking time
  • All participants must be competent swimmers
  • Participants must be at least 1.1m tall
  • Buoyancy Aid (Life Jackets) are included
  • Sessions start on the hour every hour
  • All pre-booked sessions must be paid for in advance
  • All participantsĀ are required to sign a waiver for admission onto the Aqua Park
  • Proper swim attire or wetsuit must be worn whilst on the Aqua Park
  • Participants are required to wear the buoyancy aid provided at all times whilst on the Aqua Park
  • Wrist bands must remain on and visible during attendance
  • All jewellery & watches must be removed before entering the water
  • Mobile Phones are not permitted on the aqua park or in the water


  • Always follow instructions from the Lifeguards and Staff
  • 16 year olds and under must wear the provided safety helmet
  • It is recommended that participants be reasonably fit to use the Aqua Park
  • Pregnant women are not permitted on the Aqua Park
  • Anyone with a serious medical condition should consult their doctor before using the Aqua Park
  • Always be respectful of other guests and staff on the Park
  • Guests are reminded that this is a family environment. Bad language or behaviour is not acceptable. Guests who abuse the staff or other guests will be asked to leave the Park immediately
  • Billing Aqua Park are not able to accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items
  • Participants are reminded that all activities are at the Participants own risk

Open Water Safety Rules

  • ALWAYS do as instructed by the LIFEGUARDS immediately
  • ALWAYS look out for other people on the inflatables and in the water
  • REFRAIN from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to injury to yourself or to other persons on the Aqua Park or in the water


  • ALWAYS be aware that the conditions at open water sites change constantly
  • ALWAYS get out of the water as soon as you can if you start to feel unwell or very cold
  • NEVER enter the water after consuming alcohol

If you feel that you are in difficulty or you spot that someone else may beā€¦..

Shout for help as loudly as you can!
Our trained staff are there to help!